Our Philosophy

Women hold up to 64% of the purchasing power in the world, yet only 6% of the 500 most profitable companies in the world are led by women.


Although the fashion and beauty industries cater overwhelmingly to women and profit from products that are primarily designed, produced, and sold by women, the gender gap persists, with women making up a small fraction of those at the helm of the industry’s leading brands. 


Central to the brand, Our business is driven by a desire to collaborate across cultures and empower women. Our view that women aspire to be acknowledged as they are and to have their differences and their choices valued and accepted in any environment and any industry. 

S.B., Founder of Lesley’s London

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Dedicated to formulating the finest products using the world’s purest ingredients and the most sustainable and product-effective practises, ensuring we help inform our customer and give back to our beautiful planet along the way.