Our Sustainable Practices

Embedding sustainability in the heart

Strategically embedding sustainability in our core business is imperative for us to fulfill on our sustainability pledge. It is crucial that every individual understands how important sustainability is and behaves accordingly. To support and drive this process, we encourage people to act in a sustainable way by means of strategic and procedural guidelines. At the same time, it aims to share knowledge and generate awareness for this issue by constantly providing concrete information. In this way, sustainability will become part of each employee’s autonomous decisions and actions. In order to embed sustainability in the heart of the company and in the employees’ minds, it is essential that we link it with our corporate strategy, shape our business processes and programmes accordingly, and implement our sustainability management system.  

Our Society & Environment

Green offices, annual carbon audit, Lighting and Air- conditioning automation.

Our People

Flexible working hours, Work safety training, Caring for pregnant staff including 5-day paternity leave, Company activities with a purpose, Annual employee engagement survey, Training sponsorship.

At Lesley’s London, we arm our hair artisans and factory workers with crucial life skills, employ them with financially stable jobs, and care deeply about their personal and professional growth.

Our Packaging

Because environment is a top priority at Lesley’s London, our products are packaged in an elegant and recyclable box, which is made with FCS paper and printed with soy inks. Designed to be durable, the package can be reused and serve a reminder that caring about our planet can be stylish.