Wig types by Lesley's London

Feb 19 , 2020

Wig types by Lesley's London

The first thing you need to decide when buying a wig is a wig type. There are three most popular ones that you might have already heard about. We have a full lace wig, 360 frontal wigs, and a lace front wig, and all of them give amazing results. You should pick according to your needs and wishes so we’re going to explain how each one works.
1. Full Lace Wigs

Full lace is one of the most expensive wigs you can buy, but there are very good reasons for it. As you can guess by the name, it has lace all around. So, the whole cap is made of light mesh material which is far superior to traditional caps.

The hair is not sewn on by a machine, but rather each hair is attached by hand. Because of this meticulous and time-consuming process, the price goes up in comparison to other types. The reason why having the whole cap made of lace is better than anything else is the natural and seamless look you get.

Your hairline will look real and perfect and you can also part your hair any way you want to. You can ever have cornrows because the lace ensures a realistic parting everywhere. Wearing a high ponytail or different updos is also not a problem with a full lace wig. so you have countless style options. Since the lace is very thin, a full lace is so comfortable to wear, it will feel just like your natural hair.

We recommend that you select this type if you want the most natural look possible. This hairpiece will mimic your natural strands perfectly no one will ever dream that you’re wearing a wig. Although it is more expensive than other types, the look and feel of this wig is simply not comparable to cheaper varieties.

A full lace is perfect for our most demanding customers who only want the absolute best. The only downside to a full lace is that you do not have the option to sew in any additional bundles on the cap in order to make it fuller.

2. 360 Frontal Wig

It consists out of a cap on the crown area of the head and mesh material going all around the hairline. This is a very clever design because you still get the lace material where it matters the most. In other words, your hairline, but the cost of making it is cheaper because there’s also a cap in the middle.

The lace has individual hairs sewn by hand and it imitates a natural hairline, making it indistinguishable from real strands growing out of your scalp. This type of wig is immensely versatile because you have the option to try out all kinds of different styles, including high ponytails and updos.

The 360 lace also allows you to part your strands in many ways, like in the middle or on the sides. We recommend a 360 wig if you need something relatively affordable and realistic looking. You will be amazed how a 360 frontal completely transforms your style while looking seamless. 

This type of hairpiece will satisfy even some of our most demanding customers.

3. Front Lace Wig

It is a wig type that has lace only at the front, unlike a full lace one. Always constructed in a way that you get a normal cap and mesh material at the front, usually going from one temple to the other. The hair on the cap is sewn by a machine and the hair on the lace is hand sewn.

Because of that type of construction, it is the cheapest out of the three. The lace is strategically positioned in the front so that you can still have a natural looking hairline at the front, where it matters the most.

However, the hairline at the back will not be as natural so we don’t recommend wearing high ponytails. You also have less options when it comes to parting your hair. But if you’re not so hung up that, a front lace wigs will do the job, it is still considered to be a high-quality hairpiece. Many women like having a regular cap along with the lace because it feels more secure and sturdy.

Another advantage of having a cap and not only lace is that you can add more bundles to your wig. You do that by buying some bundles that are the same as the hair on the wig and you simply sew it onto the cap. It is actually very simple, and you can do it yourself. But if you don’t plan on adding additional bundles yourself, but still want a full look, go for a higher density lace front wig.

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