Terms & Conditions

1. Order Cancellations and Modifications

After your order is placed, our staff begins working on it immediately, therefore changing or cancelling is not easy. To avoid any interruptions or fees, please pick your color or texture very carefully when ordering.

Custom Orders (Ships in 6 Days / +6 Days): You can withdraw or change your purchase within the 6 hours’ time-frame after the order was placed. If you want to cancel or tweak it afterwards, a fee of 15% is applied due to the thrown away items and wasted materials.

Stocked Items: Please contact us within the 24 hours and we can change or cancel or for free. If your item was already shipped, you could have to return the products afterwards for a free exchange or refund (minus the shipping costs).

2. Defective or Wrong Items

If you have received wrong or defective item, please contact as soon as possible with your order number and a clear picture of item you have received. Please do not throw away the package or the card. Throwing away the package or using / dying wrongly received hair will void the return warranty.

If you have decided to use the product, the refunds are not guaranteed.

3a. Stolen or Lost Packages

It is our job to arrange the delivery to you as our client. However, if the courier claims that the package has been delivered yet you claim otherwise, we ask our clients to contact the courier immediately, since they are the ones who have the data on delivery. Any complaints related to the stolen packages (especially if you live in a bad neighborhood) should be sent to your local shipping company. We are not responsible for stolen packages. However, you should not be worried as there is a special missing item claim that you need to fill at your local courier station (we can supply you with the necessary documents that confirm item shipment), which will allow you to obtain a compensation.

3. Impolite Clients and Staff Abuse

At Lesley's London, we strongly believe that all issues can be solved in a friendly manner, we treat every client with respect and expect our staff to be treated the same way.

We reserve the right to reject orders or clients who:

  1. a) Abuse our support system by sending multiple emails within minutes of each other b) Abuse our support by being rude or always writing in all capital letters c) Threatening our staff or talking about posting negative reviews if we don’t do x

4. Taxes and Item Refusals

We do our best to offer you the most reliable and affordable way of shipping. However, international delivery and transit times are sometimes dependent on the courier and local customs. Every country treats imported products differently and we have no way of knowing each country laws. Therefore, we are unable to take any responsibility for any delays or customs duties.

- If a buyer rejects the package and does not take it, he or she is responsible for all the fees and must return them to the seller as well as the shipping company and / or customs.

- If the carrier is unable to deliver item due to rare circumstances (can’t find a buyer at home and have no way of contacting him or her), any fees associated with item returned to us must be paid by the buyer.

5. Order Cancellation Fee

For the Custom Orders (+6 Days)

You can withdraw or change your extensions order within the 6-hour timeframe after the order was placed. If you want to cancel it afterwards, we charge a 15% fee for the materials wasted. 

6. Shipping Times

Ships in 6 Days (or +6 Days) Meaning

For items that are out of stock, we add the following labels, which  means that your order will be produced from scratch in the 3 to 6 business days timeframe and then sent through regular or express shipping.

Regular Items

Regular items are shipped within 1 to 2 business days